Brief Introduction of BCLTS

The British Chinese Language Teaching Society (BCLTS) is a nonprofit academic organisation of Chinese language teachers from UK universities. It is a sub-group of the British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS). The primary role of the Society is to work to enhance the quality of teaching Chinese as a second language at HE level, and to promote research into international Chinese education. In addition, it offers networking opportunities to those Chinese language teachers all over the world. BCLTS has in recent years begun to publish edited volume of conference proceedings based on a selection of papers delivered at the annual conference. This provides a showcase for research into Chinese language teaching in UK and other countries, and is part of BCLTS work in linking local teachers with peer colleagues in other parts of the world. The Society is managed by the committee officers elected by members at annual general meetings. Currently it has around 90 members from 40 UK universities which offer Chinese language courses.

Since it was founded in 1997 at Oxford University, the Society has received tremendous supports from Universities’ China Committee in London (UCCL), China Hanban, Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in UK, Cypress Books, and many UK universities with their subordinate Confucius Institutes. We have successfully organised twelve annual conferences on international Chinese pedagogy up to now.

In order to promote research into Chinese language teaching, the Society encourages all its members to submit research papers to the conference, and will give some funding support for the member’ travel and accommodation costs if his/her paper has been accepted for presenting in the conference. Meanwhile, the annual conference provide a wonderful opportunity for local and international scholars and professionals to exchange their cutting-edge research and practical teaching experiences concerning international Chinese teaching and learning in Higher Education.